Art Photographer

It is possible to create a connection between normal life and surrealism: where daily life can be transformed through colour.

In each photo, hidden beneath a facade of normality, there is a hidden place where people and their lives become intertwined with something more, where they connect with the eye of the soul behind the camera.

Man changes form, essence and spirit through the gaze of the lens, the lens never showing reality but instead the subjective concept of reality.

Photos capture daily life and become different from the use of colors because everyone has a personal world inside.

Photos have the power to subvert our collective ideas about the world; to transform our everyday behaviors, which render us simultaneously equal and unique, and paint with them in colors of surrealism.

Those photos are wished to be different, rather than being so normal as everyday life.

Creative Photography - Street Photography - Portrait


Giffoni Film Festival 2019

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